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The IBMM represented at PACIFICHEM 2015 in Honolulu (USA)

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Evelina Colacino (Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies team) and Hervé Cottet (Dynamics of Complex Biomolecular Systems team) represented the IBMM at the seventh edition of the Pacifichem International Congress, held last 15–20 December in Honolulu (Hawaii, USA).

As Invited Speakers, both presented their work during two high impact sessions : Evelina Colacino illustrated her last research on « Mechanochemistry and Its Application : From organic synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients to catalysis » during the session « Mechanochemistry and Solvent-free Synthesis (# 322 ) ». Hervé Cottet attended the session « New Tools and Methodologies for the Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions (# 15) » where he gave a lecture about the study of bacteria / ligands interactions entitled : « Turning electric field induced bacterial aggregation into advantage for the study of interactions entre bacteria and macromolecules ».

Pacifichem 2015 saw the participation of 15,000 scientists from different areas of chemical research (industry, academia, research institutes, government laboratories).
It was organized around 11 Program Topic Areas (Analytic, Inorganic, Organic, Macromolecular, Theoretical Physics and Computational, Environment, Biology, Materials and Nanosciences, Energy, Health, Chemistry and Society). This scientific Conference of success, established in 1984 and co-sponsored by the Chemical Societies of Pacific Basin (American, Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean), is held every five years. This year, Pacifichem 2015 focused on « Chemical Networking : Building Bridges Across the Pacific », emphasising the collaborative nature of chemistry as a multidisciplinary science. This international conference aims to create opportunities for « networking » with the research groups of the Pacific basin.

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