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PEYROTTES Suzanne      
Team: Nucléosides & Effecteurs Phosphorylés
Room: 0, Floor: 4, Build.: 17 - Site : Faculté des sciences

Research Topics:
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  • sdv/sdv.bbm/sdv.bbm.bs
  • sdv/sdv.can
  • chim/chim.anal
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  • sdv/sdv.imm/sdv.imm.ii
Last scientific productions :
+ Identification of allosteric inhibitors of the ecto-5'-nucleotidase (CD73) targeting the dimer interface doi link

Author(s): Rahimova Rahila, Fontanel Simon, Lionne Corinne, Jordheim Lars Peter, Peyrottes S., Chaloin Laurent

(Article) Published: Plos Computational Biology, vol. 14 p. (2018)

+ Determination and quantification of intracellular fludarabine triphosphate, cladribine triphosphate and clofarabine triphosphate by LC-MS/MS in human cancer cells. hal link

Author(s): Puy J.-Y., Jordheim Lars Petter, Cros-Perrial Emeline, Dumontet Charles, Peyrottes S., Lefebvre-Tournier I.

(Article) Published: -Journal Of Chromatography B Analytical Technologies In The Biomedical And Life Sciences, vol. 1053 p.101-110 (2017)

+ Beta-hydroxyphosphonate ribonucleoside analogues derived from 4-substituted-1,2,3-triazoles as IMP/GMP mimics: synthesis and biological evaluation doi link

Author(s): Nguyen V. T., Hospital A., Lionne C., Jordheim L.P., Dumontet C., Perigaud C., Chaloin L., Peyrottes S.

(Article) Published: Beilstein Journal Of Organic Chemistry, vol. 12 p.1476--1486 (2016)

+ Identification of noncompetitive inhibitors of cytosolic 5′-nucleotidase II using a fragment-based approach doi link

Author(s): Marton Zsuzsanna, Guillon R., Krimm Isabelle, Rahimova Rahila, Egron D., Jordheim Lars P., Aghajari Nushin, Dumontet Charles, Perigaud C., Lionne Corinne, Peyrottes S., Chaloin Laurent

(Article) Published: European Journal Of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 58 p.9680-9696 (2015)

+ A Chemical Proteomics Approach for the Search of Pharmacological Targets of the Antimalarial Clinical Candidate Albitiazolium in Plasmodium falciparum Using Photocrosslinking and Click Chemistry. doi link

Author(s): Penarete-Vargas Diana Marcela, Boisson Anaïs, Urbach Serge, Chantelauze H., Peyrottes S., Fraisse Laurent, Vial Henri J

(Article) Published: Plos One, vol. 9 p.1-23 (2014)