Photo de NOTTELET Benjamin
NOTTELET Benjamin      
Position : MCU
Team: Biopolymères Artificiels
Room: 217, Floor: 2, Build.: I - Site : Faculté de pharmacie

Research Topics:
  • chim/chim.poly
  • sdv/sdv.ib/sdv.ib.bio
Last scientific productions :
+ Direct Photomodification of Polymer Surfaces: Unleashing the Potential of Aryl-Azide Copolymers doi link

Author(s): Schulz A., STOCCO Antonio, Bethry A., Lavigne Jean, Coudane J., Nottelet B.

(Article) Published: Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 28 p. (2018)

+ PLA scaffolds production from Thermally Induced Phase Separation: Effect of process parameters and development of an environmentally improved route assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide doi link

Author(s): Gay S., Lefebvre G., Bonnin M., Nottelet B., Boury F., Gibaud A., Calvignac B.

(Article) Published: -The Journal Of Supercritical Fluids, vol. 136 p.123 - 135 (2018)

+ Modelling of mechanical properties of a PLA-b-PEG-b-PLA biodegradable triblock copolymer during hydrolytic degradation hal link

Author(s): Breche Quentin, Chagnon Grégory, Girard Edouard, Nottelet B., Garric X., Machado Guilherme, Favier Denis

Conference: European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC15) (Bruxelles, BE, 2016-09-07)

+ MRI-visible polymer based on poly(methyl methacrylate) for imaging applications doi link

Author(s): Younis M., Darcos V., Paniagua C., Ronjat P., Lemaire Laurent, Nottelet B., Garric X., Bakkour Youssef, El Nakat John Hanna, Coudane J.

(Article) Published: Rsc Advances, vol. 6 p.5754-60 (2016)

+ Redox Reducible and Hydrolytically Degradable PEG–PLA Elastomers as Biomaterial for Temporary Drug-Eluting Medical Devices doi link

Author(s): Rupnik Simona, Buwalda S., Déjean S., Bethry A., Garric X., Coudane J., Nottelet B.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Macromolecular Bioscience, vol. p. (2016)