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Scientific productions :
+ Disturbance of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor-Mediated Long-Term Depression (mGlu-LTD) of Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in the Rat Hippocampus After Prenatal Immune Challenge doi link

Author(s): Cavalier M., Ben Sedrine Azza, Thevenet Lea, Crouzin N., Guiramand J., De Jesus Ferreira M.-C., Cohen Solal C., Barbanel G., Vignes M.

(Article) Published: Neurochemical Research, vol. p. (2018)

+ MT5-MMP is a new pro-amyloidogenic proteinase that promotes amyloid pathology and cognitive decline in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. hal link

Author(s): Baranger Kévin, Marchalant Yannick, Bonnet Amandine E, Crouzin N., Carrete Alex, Paumier Jean-Michel, Py Nathalie A, Bernard Anne, Bauer Charlotte, Charrat Eliane, Moschke Katrin, Seiki Mothoharu, Vignes M., Lichtenthaler Stefan F, Checler Frédéric, Khrestchatisky Michel, Rivera Santiago

(Article) Published: Cellular And Molecular Life Sciences, vol. 73 p.217-36 (2015)

+ N-acetyl-cysteine prevents pyramidal cell disarray and reelin-immunoreactive neuron deficiency in CA3 after prenatal immune challenge in rats. doi link

Author(s): Batista Novais A., Guiramand J., Cohen Solal C., Crouzin N., De Jesus Ferreira M.-C., Vignes M., Barbanel G., Cambonie G.

(Article) Published: Pediatric Research, vol. 73 p.750-5 (2013)

+ Comparison of the pharmacological properties of GK11 and MK801, two NMDA receptor antagonists: towards an explanation for the lack of intrinsic neurotoxicity of GK11. doi link

Author(s): Vandame D., Desmadryl G., Becerril Ortega J., Teigell M., Crouzin N., Buisson A., Privat A., Hirbec H.

(Article) Published: Journal Of Neurochemistry, vol. 103 p.1682-96 (2007)