Photo de LECLERCQ Laurent
LECLERCQ Laurent      
Team: Organisation Biomoléculaire
Room: 0, Floor: 3, Build.: 17 - Site : Faculté des Sciences Triolet

Research Topics:
  • chim/chim.theo
  • chim/chim.orga
Last scientific productions :
+ Interactions between Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes by Isothermal Titration Calorimetry: Effect of Ionic Strength and Charge Density doi link

Author(s): Lounis F., Chamieh J., Leclercq L., Gonzales Philippe, Geneste Amine, Prelot Benedicte, Cottet H.

(Article) Published: Journal Of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 121 p.2684-2694 (2017)

+ Correlation of Length of Linear Oligo(ethanamino) Amides with Gene Transfer and Cytotoxicity. doi link

Author(s): Scholz Claudia, Kos Petra, Leclercq L., Jin X., Cottet H., Wagner Ernest

(Article) Published: Chemmedchem, vol. 9 p.2104-2110 (2014)

+ Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Polyanion−Polycation Complexation in Salted Media in the Context of Nonviral Gene Transfection. doi link

Author(s): Boustta M., Leclercq L., Vert M., Vasilevskaya Valentina V.

(Article) Published: Macromolecules, vol. 47 p.3574-3581 (2014)

+ Build-up of an antimicrobial multilayer coating on a textile support based on a methylene blue-poly(cyclodextrin) complex. doi link

Author(s): Martin A., Tabary Nicolas, Chai Feng, Leclercq L., Junthip Jatupol, Aubert-Viard François, Neut Christel, Weltrowski Marek, Blanchemain Nicolas, Martel Bernard

(Article) Published: Biomedical Materials, vol. 8 p.065006 (2013)

+ Multilayered textile coating based on a -cyclodextrin polyelectrolyte for the controlled release of drugs. doi link

Author(s): Martin A., Tabary Nicolas, Leclercq L., Junthip Jatupol, Degoutin Stéphanie, Aubert-Viard François, Cazaux Fréderic, Lyskawa Joël, Janus Ludovic, Briac Marc, Martel Bernard

(Article) Published: Carbohydrate Polymers, vol. 93 p.718-730 (2013)