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Team: Sciences Analytiques des Biomolécules & Modélisation molécul

Research Topics:
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Last scientific productions :
+ Photochemistry of organic molecules in the Solar System: experimental studies outside the International Space Station. The cases of glycine, and nucleobases hal link

Author(s): Cottin Hervé, Strazzulla Giovanni, Dobrijevic M., Westall Frances, Coussot G., Le Postollec A., Fray Nicolas, Chaput Didier, Quinn Richard, Mattioda . Andrew, Baratta Giuseppe, Accolla Mario, Georgelin Thomas, Stalport Fabien, Rouquette Laura, Szopa Cyril, Saiagh Kafila, Bellila Jodie, Grira Katia, Elsaesser Andreas, Carrasco Nathalie, Dass Avinash-Vicholous, Palumbo M. E.

Conference: 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly. 14-22 July 2018, Pasadena, California, USA, Abstract id. F3.5-24-18. (Pasadena, US, 2018-07-14)

+ Integrated microreactor for enzymatic reaction automation: An easy step toward the quality control of monoclonal antibodies doi link

Author(s): Ladner Y., Mas Silvia, Coussot G., Bartley Killian, Montels J., Morel Jacques, Perrin C.

(Article) Published: Journal Of Chromatography, vol. 1528 p.83--90 (2017)

+ Biochip-based instruments development for space exploration: influence of the antibody immobilization process on the biochip resistance to freeze-drying, temperature shifts and cosmic radiations doi link

Author(s): Coussot G., Moreau T., Faye C., Vigier F., Baque M., Le Postollec A., Incerti S., Dobrijevic M., Vandenabeele-Trambouze O.

(Article) Published: International Journal Of Astrobiology, vol. 16 p.190 - 199 (2017)

+ Photochemical studies in low Earth orbit for organic compounds related to small bodies, Titan and Mars. Current and future facilities. hal link

Author(s): Cottin Hervé, Saiagh Kafila, Nguyen D., Grand Noël, Bénilan Yves, Cloix M., Coll Patrice, Gazaux Marie-Claire, Fray N., Khalaf D., Raulin François, Stalort F., Carrasco Nathalie, Szopa Cyril, Chaput Didier, Bertrand Marylène, Westall Frances, Mattioda A., Quinn R., Ricco A., Santos O., Baratta G. A., Strazzulla G., Palumbo M. E., Le Postollec A., Dobrijevic M., Coussot G., Vigier F., Vandenabeele-Trambouze O., Incerti S.

(Article) Published: -Bulletin De La Société Royale Des Sciences De Liège, vol. 84 p.60 - 73 (2015)

+ Comparison of various grafting chemistries for the development of antibody-based biochips for planetary exploration hal link

Author(s): Vigier F., Dobrijevic M., Baque M., Coussot G., Vandenabeele-Trambouze O., Moreau T., Faye C., Le Postollec A.

Conference: - (Mysore, IN, 2012)
Proceedings: 2012cosp...39.2090V - 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 14-22 July 2012, in Mysore, India. Abstract C0.3-8-12, p.2090, vol. 39 p.2090 (2012)