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VIAL Laurent      
Team: Organisation Biomoléculaire

Research Topics:
  • chim/chim.theo
  • chim/chim.poly
  • chim/chim.orga
  • chim
  • chim/chim.anal
  • chim/chim.chem
  • sdv/sdv.bbm/sdv.bbm.bc
Scientific productions :
+ Diastereoselective Synthesis of a Dyn[3]arene with Distinct Binding Behaviors toward Linear Biogenic Polyamines doi link

Author(s): Donnier-Marechal Marion, Septavaux Jean, Jeamet Emeric, Héloin Alexandre, Perret Florent, Dumont Elise, Rossi J.-C., Ziarelli Fabio, Leclaire Julien, Vial L.

(Article) Published: Organic Letters, vol. 20 p.2420 - 2423 (2018)

+ Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Poly- l -lysine Dendrigrafts (But Were Afraid to Ask) doi link

Author(s): Francoïa Jean-Patrick, Vial L.

(Article) Published: Chemistry - A European Journal, vol. 24 p.2806-2814 (2018)

+ Digitizing Poly- l -lysine Dendrigrafts: From Experimental Data to Molecular Dynamics Simulations doi link

Author(s): Francoïa Jean-Patrick, Rossi J.-C., Monard Gerald, Vial L.

(Article) Published: Journal Of Chemical Information And Modeling, vol. 57 p.2173 - 2180 (2017)

+ On-Demand Cyclophanes: Substituent-Directed Self-Assembling, Folding, and Binding doi link

Author(s): Skowron Pierre-Thomas, Dumartin Bernard, Jeamet Bernard, Perret Bernard, Gourlaouen Christophe, Baudouin Anne, Fenet Bernard, Naubron Jean-Valère, Fotiadu Frédéric, Vial L., Leclaire Julien

(Article) Published: European Journal Of Organic Chemistry, vol. 81 p.654 - 661 (2016)

+ Chirality sensing and discrimination of lysine derivatives in water with a dyn[4]arene doi link

Author(s): Vial L., Dumartin Melissa, Donnier-Marechal Marion, Perret Florent, Francoïa Jean-Patrick, Leclaire Julien

(Article) Published: Chemical Communications / Chem Commun (Cambridge), vol. 52 p.14219-14221 (2016)