Presentation of the different labs in the IBMM.

The diversity and the complementarity of the research teams of the IBMM enable to use scientific knowledge and technologies indispensable for developing a pole of scientific excellence around biomolecules, thanks to which we can offer a unique scientific site at international level.
The IBMM is composed of 6 former Mixed Research Units (MRUs) CNRS reporting to Montpellier I and/or Montpellier II Universities and of team from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier.
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Les Equipes de l'IBMM

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team sucrochimie SMART Effecteurs phosphoryles Biopolymeres DSBC Lipides Antipaludiques Chimie Bioorganique Proteines Peptides Acides Amines Chimie verte Analyse Biomolecules Plate forme analyse synthese Plateau technique Pharmacologie Cellulaire Glyco et Nanovecteurs Psychobiology et Oncopharmocologie Oncopharmacochimie et pharmacotoxicologie cutanée Stress oxydatif et neuroprotection