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Séminaire Chimie ED459 / Chaire Total

Cage-like metallasilsesquioxanes: synthesis, complexation reactions and coordination polymers creation. Magnetic and catalytic properties

Dr. Alexey Bilyachenko (Laboratory of Metal Hydrides, Nesmeyanov Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia | Prof. invité Chaire Total Balard)

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Le Jeudi 11 décembre 2014 à 15h
UM2 salle de cours SC-25.01

This lecture will present some actual aspects of cage-like metallasilsesquioxanes, namely unusual compounds with simultaneous manifestation of metal cluster and organosilicon compound properties. The unique ability of Cu(II)-, Mn(II)-, Co(II)-, Ni(II)-, Fe(III)-containing silsesquioxanes to form extraordinary polyhedral compounds and coordination polymers will be demonstrated. Viewing of different synthetical approaches to cage metallasilsesquioxanes of different shape, nuclearity and composition will be given. Several examples of cage’ complexation with various N- and P-containing ligands will be shown. Application of Cu(II)-containing cages in catalysis of amide formation and hydrocarbons oxidation will be discussed. Dependency of cage’ magnetic properties from composition, geometry and ligand surrounding will be presented as well.

Contact local ICGM : Dr. Yannick Guari DR / Prof. Joulia Larionova (équipe CMOS)


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