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The IBMM and the Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials (CPCM, Poland) Institutes organize the France-Poland Seminar on “Polymeric Biomaterials for Therapeutic Applications”

by corneille - published on

The France-Poland Seminar on Polymeric Biomaterials for Therapeutic applications will take place in Montpellier in the Faculty of Pharmacy campus of University Montpellier 1, November 17-18, 2011.

The Scientific programme of the seminar is described on attached file.

The scope of the seminar:
Synthetic polymers constitute the most important class of biomaterials because of their outstanding properties which can be tailored by compositional and structural changes. Other advantages of polymers include facile processing, reliability and reproducibility of properties. Degradable and bioresorbable polymers present growing interests for temporary therapeutic applications in the form of surgical sutures, osteosynthetic devices, tissue engineering scaffolds, controlled drug delivery systems, etc... Among the various bioresorbable polymers, aliphatic polyesters such as polyglycolide, polylactide and polycaprolactone) appear the most promising in the biomedical field because they exhibit excellent biocompatibility, and variable physical, chemical and biological properties. Numerous final products are now available for clinical applications, mainly in the form of sutures, dental membranes, drug delivery systems and bone fracture internal fixation devices, etc...
In the frame of the France-Poland Seminar on Polymeric Biomaterials for Therapeutic Applications, scientists from France and Poland will get together in Montpellier to present their research work on different topics, including synthesis of novel polymers, conception of controlled drug delivery systems and medical implants, nanovectors by self-assembling of amphiphilic copolymers, etc...

View online : http://cmpw-pan.edu.pl/