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3D bioprinting is on the rise

Thanks to the development of new bioinks and the diversification of new available 3D printing technologies, many advances have been published on tissue engineering, regenerative medecine and development of organoïds and models for drug candidates screening.

This review presents physical and chemical hydrogels that have been used as bioinks, emphasizing their structure, their functionalisation and the bio-orthogonal chemical reactions leading to cells encapsulation during the gelation as long as the 3D printing of complex scaffolds.

Autors : Laurine Valot, Jean Martinez, Ahmad Mehdi and Gilles Subra

Contacts IBMM:
Gilles Subra () et Laurine Valot ()

Laurine Valot is PhD student working with Pr. Gilles Subra (IBMM) et Ahmad Mehdi (ICGM).

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Voir le document