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A new publication by team GreenChem highlighted by ChemistryViews

The team Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies

published new results on the mechanochemical synthesis of NO-releasing drugs. These drugs belong to the family of iminosydnones and their biological activity arises from the release of NO. This high reactivity can make their synthesis and isolation very challenging. And mechanochemistry comes to the rescue with facilitated solvent-free reaction conditions providing cleaner reaction mixture. Combining mechanochemistry and the use of 1,1’-carbonydiimidazole (CDI) provided molsidomine and an analogue of mesocarb by a more sustainable synthetic path. Furthermore, this work paves the way to the preparation of other iminosydnones, molecules that can be used as tolls and probes in chemical biology.

These results published in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry were highlighted by ChemistryViews.