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Agrochimie : l’IBMM innove

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Agrochimie : l'IBMM innove

The Strength Lies in the Plant.

Toxicity, water table pollution, soil degradation... The list of harmful effects of chemical treatments used by farmers still sends shivers down the spine. Although for many years, numerous research groups have been focusing on the development of clean alternatives, they have never been able to achieve the combination of sustainable development and intensive agriculture. This problem is nonetheless crucial, especially in viticulture where the use of plant health treatments can harm the image of renowned vineyards. A novel plant health protection strategy has now been developed on the lab benches of IBMM1 in Montpellier : Rather than combating the pathogen, as do pesticides, new biodegradable and non-toxic compounds can preventively stimulate the natural defenses of plants against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The new patented product was presented last June at the European Research and Innovation Exhibition, and in 2007 the team had received the INPI trophy for innovation in the Languedoc-Roussillon region...