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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Ceramic membranes for clean energy delivery

Professor Joe da Costa (FIMLab - Films and Inorganic Membrane Laboratory, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia)

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Le Jeudi 03 Décembre 2009 à 13h45
UM2, Salle de cours SC-16.01

The development of novel enabling technologies to meet carbon emission reduction is paramount for the Australian Economy, which is largely dependent on coal power generation. This work assesses clean energy delivery technologies for gas processing under R&D in the Australian program for low emission technologies. Of particular attention, integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) systems are seen as a potential candidate though several aspects of IGCC’s gas processing are challenging. These include an air separation unit to supply O2 to the coal gasifier, syngas processing to separate H2 from CO2, or to shift CO as a membrane reactor in the water gas shift reaction.

In view of its inherent properties, inorganic membranes have the capabilities to operate at high temperatures and improve process efficiencies, thus ideal as ancillary unit operations for clean energy delivery systems. This presentation will focus on the following topics :

1. Metal doped silica membranes for H2 separation at high temperatures (up to 500°C).

2. CO shifting in membrane reactors for both low temperature and high temperature water gas shift reaction.

3. O2 separation using perovskite membranes.


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