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Drug development project commercialized !

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Interdisciplinary research team from the Jagiellonian University Medical College, Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and University of Montpellier (France) developed novel group of compounds with potential therapeutic activity in central nervous system. The teams involved in France belong to the Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron in Montpellier (Team Aminoacids and Peptides and team Green Chemistry and Enabling Technologies). Both of the teams belong also to the Institut Carnot Chimie Balard.

The project has been licensed to Spanish company Spherium Biomed. The licensing agreement was negotiated by CTT CITTRU, the Technology Transfer Office of the Jagiellonian University responsible for the commercialization of intellectual property developed at the Jagiellonian University. Spherium Biomed will conduct further development and commercialization of the project towards the novel drug for central nervous system diseases (e.g. Alzheimer disease).
The project is the first drug development technology, which was licensed from the Jagiellonian University.

To learn more about CTT CITTRU (

Picture below : Celebrating success at the occasion of the Doctor Honoris Causa ceremony distinguishing Prof. Jean Martinez !
From left to right : Jacek Sapa (Dean of Pharmacy JUMC), Radosław Rudź (CITTRU), Gabriela Konopka-Cupiał (Head of CITTRU), Thierry Guichoux (Consul Général de Cracovie), Anna Wesołowska (JUMC), Gilles Subra (MU), Maciej Pawłowski (JUMC), Jean Martinez (MU), Frédéric Lamaty (CNRS), Katarzyna Grychowska (JUMC), Andrzej Bojarski (IP PAS), Paweł Zajdel (JUMC), Tomasz Kos (IP PAS). Inventors not present : Xavier Bantreil (MU), Evelina Colacino (MU), Anna Partyka (JUMC), Grzegorz Satała (IP PAS), Piotr Popik (IP PAS).

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