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Dynamic multivalent materials

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The recognition and active delivery of oligonucleotides requires the development of smart materials that are multivalent and stimuli-responsive. Toward this end, the Glycochemistry & Molecular Recognition team reports the design and synthesis of novel materials that are self-assembled through chemoselective and pH-sensitive acylhydrazone ligations. Unlike the monomers which bind very weakly to DNA, these self-assembled multivalent materials were found to effectively complex dsDNA in biological media. Furthermore, these polyacylhydrazone dynamic covalent polymers were shown to be stable at neutral pH but readily undergo dissociation at slightly acidic pH that is typical of late endosomes. Thus, this study paves the way toward the evaluation of the potential of these smart materials as artificial vectors for gene delivery.

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  • Dynamic multivalent materials
  • CHEMISTRY A European Journal Sept 2014