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Séminaire interdisciplinaire biologie évolutive

Evolution and creationism : the Mexican case

Prof. Antonio Lazcano (member of the National College, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico-city)

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Le Lundi 09 mars 2015 à 17h
Amphithéâtre Genopolys (Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve, 141 rue de la cardonille, Montpellier | Tram n° 1 ou bus n° 6, arrêt Occitanie)

(the lecture will be given in english)

Antonio Lazcano

In contrast to the USA, where surveys consistently show that less than half of the populations accept the theory of evolution, Mexican society takes for granted the existence of a secular public education that includes the teaching of Darwinian evolution. However, one of the little recognized USA imports into Mexico is an increasing flow of creationists who, through religion, are trying to impose their fundamentalist beliefs and hinder the teaching of evolution in all levels of schooling. This is due in part to the increasing influence of evangelical churches among Mexican immigrants in the USA. In sharp contrast with the failure of the American scientific establishment to recruit scientists from the Hispanic community, creationists are rapidly gaining ground among the Latinos, the largest and most rapidly growing minority in the USA. This phenomenon is now extending into several European countries due to the Latin American immigration.

Antonio Lazcano is Honorary President (2002–2008) of ISSOL, « The International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life – The International Astrobiology Society ». His research interests are focused on evolutionary biology and the origins of life ; on both topics he also devotes important efforts to promote teaching and history of science aspects.
[photo © Innovaxiom / congrès Origins 2011, Montpellier]

Contact local IBMM : Dr. Robert Pascal, D.R. CNRS / Dr. Laurent Boiteau C.R. CNRS (équipe DSBC)

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