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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Evolution of dynamic combinatorial chemistry

Prof. Jeremy Sanders, FRS (Departement of Chemistry, University of Chambridge, UK)

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Le Jeudi 06 Juin 2013 à 14h
ENSCM, amphithéâtre de Forcrand

Professor Jeremy Sanders, FRS, is Head of the School of Physical Sciences, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Affairs) of the University of Cambridge.

Over the past 20 years, Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry has evolved rom its first naive conception into a powerful tool for the discovery of extraordinary and unpredictable structures. In principle, it allows us to specify the binding properties of an unknown molecule, and then to design the experiment and building blocks that will create the desired species. The evolving journey of discovery also leads to unexpected new materials and challenges some long-lived and strongly-held preconceptions about entropy and molecular flexibility.

Contact local Fédération Balard : Dr. Thibaut Jarrosson (ICGM équipe MACS)

This invited lecture is sponsored by the Pôle Chimie Balard and by the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier.


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