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Séminaire Chimie ED459

From cellulose to polymer self-assembly through RAFT chemistry : something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed

Dr. Mona Semsarilar (Department of Chemistry / Steven P. Armes goup, University of Sheffield, UK)

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Le Jeudi 07 Février 2013 à 14h30
ENSCM, salle de conférences Recherche (Bâtiment Max Mousseron, 4e étage), 8 rue de l’école normale, Montpellier

This talk focuses on the use of RAFT chemistry (Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer polymerization) under different conditions. In the first section of the talk I will present how RAFT chemistry was employed to modify cellulose and a novel route to improve and tune the physical properties of cellulose. In a second part, I will present the syntheses of a range of glycopolymeric architectures (linear, branched and hyper branched) by a combination of RAFT and click chemistry. Finally, I will show the synthesis and in situ self-assembly of diblock and triblock functional copolymers ; as well as the preparation of core-shell organic/inorganic particles using these self-assembled structures.

Figure 1 (cliquer pour l’agrandir)

Keywords :
RAFT, cellulose, glycopolymers, branched and hyper branched polymers, grafting, emulsion and dispersion, core-shell organic/inorganic particles, click chemistry, self assembly, microwave and supramolecular chemistry.

Contact local ICGM (équipe IAM) : Dr. Vincent Ladmiral, Dr. Sylvain Caillol


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