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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Hybrid organic inorganic membranes for PEMFC application

Prof. Christel Laberty-Robert (Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée – UMR 7574 CNRS, Collège de France, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)

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Le Jeudi 07 Avril 2011 à 13h45
UM2, salle de cours SC-16.01

For several years, the LCMCP has been investigating hybrid materials based on the use of sol-gel methods. This synthetic approach enables us to prepare materials which incorporate a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds and are capable of developing unique microstructures and properties. Recently, we use this method to create electrochemical materials with designed chemistry and microstructure.

One of our research direction is to design and develop low-cost and durable hybrid electrolyte membranes for fuel cell operating at high temperature (up to 120°C) and low humidity (RH) (25-50% RH). We have developed a “sol-gel strategy” for the production of hybrid membranes where the organic and inorganic components meet the requirements of high temperature operation. The hybrid membranes are composed of a bicontinuous networks of a thermostable polymer ensuring mechanical strenghtness, chemical inertness and hydrogen permeability and of 3-D mesostructured SiO2-based network which supports proton conductivity and water retention. The benefit of using mesostructured inorganic network is an enhanced surface area which can accommodate the proton conducting functional groups (–SO3H and/or PO(OH)2) together with facilitated transport property for proton. Proton conductivity will be explored over a range of humidities at 120°C. Finally, fuel cell testing will also be discussed for membrane/structure optimization.


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Contact ICGM équipe CMOS : Prof. André Vioux


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