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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Les liquides ioniques : nouvelles opportunités pour la chimie des aminoacides et des peptides

Dr. Jean-Christophe Plaquevent, DR CNRS (Lab. de Synthèse & Physico-Chimie de Molécules d’Intérêt Biologique - LSPCMIB UMR 5068, Université Paul Sabatier- Toulouse III)

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Le Jeudi 13 Mars 2008 à 13h45
Salle de cours SC-16.01 (UM2)

With respects to their unique properties, ionic liquids nowadays exert a strong fascination for numerous chemists in various fields. In addition to their potential for green chemistry, mainly due to their low vapor pressure, reexamination of organic synthesis in these new media led to a shining series of convincing examples of increase in chemical yields, chemo-, regio- and stereo-selectivity, as well as in recycling of catalysts. Beyond this impressive series of successes, one can consider that most of organic synthesis can be realized, at least with equal performance, in ionic solvents.

Nevertheless a new question emerges : in which chemistry could ionic liquids afford more than an alternative reaction medium ? In other words, could ionic solvents be used for doing what is either impossible or rather difficult in molecular solvents ? In this context, two new fields emerge : first, the field of ionic liquids and chirality, including the search for new chiral ionic liquids and their use in various applications, second the synthesis and behavior of biomolecules in ionic liquids.

The aim of the lecture will be to discuss the cross fertilizing topics of α-amino acid / peptide chemistry and that of ionic liquids. Indeed, we suggest that these new media could be particularly suitable for amino acid and peptide synthesis or transformations, since the polarity of ionic solvents is ideal for such species. Reciprocally, amino acids represent a powerful class of starting materials for the construction of new ionic liquids, especially chiral ones, because of their availability in both enantiomeric forms at reasonable cost.

Amino acids for ionic liquids, and ionic solvents for peptide chemistry : a new emergent paradigm ?


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