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Séminaire Chimie ED459/ICG

Nanostructured solid-state organic catalysts via the cross-linking of functionalized surfactant liquid crystal assemblies

Prof. Douglas L. Gin (Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry / Dept. of Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)

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Le Jeudi 27 Mars 2014 à 11h
ENSCM, salle de cours de la Galéra, (104 rue de la Galéra, Montpellier)

Liquid crystal (LC) molecules have the ability to form mesomorphic superstructures with a range of periodic nanometer-scale architectures that are ideal for the design of nanostructured organic materials, and for investigating the effect of small-scale architecture on important bulk properties. One major focus of our research group is the design of novel polymerizable LC superstructures containing functional properties as a means of forming robust nanostructured materials. In this talk, the cross-linking of functionalized lyotropic (i.e., surfactant or amphiphilic) LC assemblies will be presented as a means of generating ordered, nanoporous, solid-state materials containing different types of catalytic groups in the nanopores. The resulting catalytic organic resins can be thought of as organic analogues to simple inorganic molecular and mesoporous sieve-like materialss. In particular, the design of nanostructured polymeric solid acid catalysts based on the inveted hexagonal LC phase will be presented as one example of our general approach in using lyotropic LC assemblies as new heterogeneous catalyst design platform. Important considerations with respect to the design and photopolymerization of amphiphilic monomers for making catalytic lyotropic LC network materials will be discussed. In addition, issues pertaining to the contribution of nanoscale architecture to the reactivity and selectivity of these systems in heterogeneous reactions will be highlighted. Finally, opportunities for tailoring the nanoscale chemical environment and architecture in these materials through molecular design will be presented.

Contact local ICGM : Dr. Dorothée Berthomieu (équipe MACS)


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