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Offre de post-doctorat : Identification de nouvelles stratégies pour le ciblage et la compréhension de la méthylation de l’ADN dans les cancers

Equipe Glycochemistry and molecular recognition (GMR)

par corneille - publié le

Annonce publiée le 8 décembre 2020


DNA methylation, catalysed by DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs), is an epigenetic modification involved in cancer formation and maintenance.1,2 As nucleoside analogues, approved DNMT inhibitors (DNMTi), have limited use due to severe side-effects. Many researches to identify non-nucleoside DNMTi identified new scaffolds as DNMTi but their potency is not sufficient to envisage them as therapeutic molecules.3 Thinking outside the box, the main goal of this project is to synthesised multivalent DNMTi to : 1) increase DNMTi potency and access selectivity and 2) scan cellular contexts using these chemical tools via chemical-biology approaches.

Research team
Our research focuses on innovative strategies to target and decipher epigenetic mechanisms in pathological contexts, through multidisciplinary projects involving chemistry, biochemistry, biology and chemical-biology. We recently reported non-nucleoside DNMTi active on the purified enzymes and in cancer cell lines.4

This project is funded by the CNRS-INC emergence (EMERGENCE@INC 2021). This 12-month fellowship (ca. 31 k€ gross, i.e. 25 k€ net, income/year) is to start no later than 1st march 2021.

The candidate must have a PhD at the interface of chemistry and biology. He/she must have demonstrated knowledge and skills in organic synthesis and some experience or at least a strong interest in biochemistry and biology. He/she must have ability to carry out cutting-edge multidisciplinary research project and be proactive for his/her project. He/she must be a team player with excellent communication skills. Fluent English is required French would be beneficial but is not essential.

To apply, send a CV, a cover letter and 2 to 3 references (email and phone number) to Dr. Marie Lopez (marie.lopez

1 P.A. Jones et al. 2007 Cell, 128
2 M. Esteller 2008 N Engl J Med, 358
3 M. Lopez et al. 2016 Adv Exp Med Biol, 945, 431
4 D. Pechalrieu et al. 2020 Eur J Med Chem, 186, 111829

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