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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Organocatalysis, photochemistry and foldamers : the 4-membered ring connection

Prof. David J. Aitken (Organic Synthesis Group, team CP3A, ICMMO Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d’Orsay, UMR 8182 CNRS, Université Paris Sud)

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Le Jeudi 23 novembre 2017 à 14h
ENSCM, Amphithéâtre Godechot (campus Balard, 240 av. Émile-Jeanbrau)
(reprogrammation de la conférence annulée le 23 novembre 2017, un incident SNCF ayant bloqué le conférencier)

Over the last decade, our research group has been investigating different ways in which small molecules that incorporate four-membered rings can be exploited both as intermediates for selective organic synthesis and as building blocks for the programmed construction of larger molecular architectures. These efforts have led us to study sustainable synthetic methodologies, such as organocatalysis for the transformations of cyclobutanones and organic photochemistry for the construction – and subsequent transformation – of four membered-rings. One particularly fruitful area has been the preparation of cyclobutane-containing homologated aminoacids, and especially the use of such species for the preparation of peptidomimetic foldamers in a predictable manner. In this lecture, I will present some of these discoveries to illustrate the immense interest generated by four-membered rings in modern organic chemistry.

Scheme 1
Scheme 1

Contact local IBMM : Dr. Monique Calmès, D.R. CNRS (DAPP)


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