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Suzanne PEYROTTES est à l’honneur dans le numéro spécial d’EurJOC Juillet 2011

European Journal of Organic Chemistry

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Suzanne PEYROTTES est à l'honneur dans le numéro spécial d'EurJOC Juillet 2011

Le Dr Suzanne Peyrottes, chercheur CNRS dans l’équipe Nucléosides & Effecteurs Phosphorylés au sein du Département Analogues et Constituants des Acides Nucléiques (DACAN) de l’IBMM vient de publier un article dans la revue EuroJOC : « Synthesis of Pyrimidine-Containing Nucleoside β-(R/S)-Hydroxyphosphonate Analogues », Maïa Meurillon, Laurent Chaloin, Christian Périgaud, Suzanne Peyrottes DOI : 10.1002/ejoc.201100219 Article first published online 6 JUN 2011 (voir lien vers le résumé).

Suzanne Peyrottes (University Montpellier 2, UMR 5247 CNRSUM1-UM2, IBMM, Montpellier, France)
Research interests : Design and synthesis of potential therapeutic agents to treat infections and cancers, new synthetic methodology related to the chemistry of nucleic acid components.

As a female chemist, how did you overcome the obstacles that you have encountered ?

I do not remember having to face any obstacles during school or university ; being a hard-working student allowed me to go where I had planned. When I was a young research assistant, I encountered a few graduate students and post-docs (all males) who were skeptical that I had anything interesting to teach to them. However, being patient is a good way to demonstrate to them that at one point or another they will need your help.

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