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Liste publications/brevets 2018-2023

Articles published in peer reviews
Nrf2-mediated Antioxidant Defense and Peroxiredoxin 6 are Linked to Biosynthesis of Palmitic Acid Ester of 9-Hydroxystearic Acid
O. Kuda, M. Brezinova, J. Silhavy, V. Landa, V. Zidek, C. Dodia, F. Kreuchwig, M. Vrbacky, L. Balas, T. Durand, N. Hubner, A. B. Fisher, J. Kopecky, M. Pravenec
Diabetes, 2018, 67, 1190-1197.

F2-isoprostanes affect macrophage migration and CSF-1 Signaling
J. M. Proodfoot, F.J. Pixley, E.L. Greenland, A.E. Barden, K.D. Croft, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, T. Mori
Free Radic Biol Med 2018,126, 142-152.

Sorting out the phytoprostane and phytofuran profile in vegetable oils
R. Dominguez-Perles, F. Ferreres, A. Guy, J-M. Galano, C. Oger, T. Durand, A. Gil-Izquierdo
Food Res Inter2018, 107, 619-628.

Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Free and Esterified Oxygenated Derivatives from Docosahexaenoic Acid in Rat Brain
Ch. Jouvène, B. Fourmaux, A. Géloën, L. Balas, T. Durand, M. Lagarde, M. Létisse, M. Guichardant
Lipids, 2018, 53, 103-116.

Aronia-citrus juice intake (polyphenol rich juice) and elite triathlon training : A lipidomic approach using representative oxylipins in urine.
García-Flores, L. A. ; Medina, S. ; Gomez, C. ; Wheelock, C.E. ; Cejuela, R. ; Martínez-Sanz, J.M. ; Oger, C. ; Galano, J.-M. ; Durand, T. ; Martínez-Hernández, P. ; Ferreres, F. ; Gil, P. ; Gil-Izquierdo, A.
Food Funct. 2018, 9 463-475.

Development of an LC-(ESI-)-MS/MS method for the simultaneous quantification of 35 isoprostanes and isofurans derived from the major n3 and n6 PUFAs
KM Rund, AI Ostermann, LKutzner, J-M Galano, C Oger, C Vigor, S Wecklein, N Seiwert, T Durand, NH Schebb
Anal Chim Acta 2018, 1037,63-74.

Relevance of 4-F4t-neuroprostane and 10-F4t-neuroprostane to neurological diseases.
C. Signorini, C. De Felice, T. Durand, J-M. Galano, C. Oger, S. Leoncini, M. Carone, M. Ulivelli, C. Manna, A. Cortelazzo, J. C.Y. Lee, J. Hayek
Free Radic Biol Med 2018,115, 278-287.

Oxidized LDL triggers changes oxidative stress and inflamation biomarkers in human macrophages
O. L. lara-Guzman, A. Gil-Izquierdo, S. Medina, E. Osorio, R. Alvarez, C. Oger, T. Durand, J-M.Galano, N. Zuluaga, K. Munoz-Durango
Redox Biol. 2018, 15, 1-11

Levels of palmitic acid ester of hydroxystearic acid (PAHSA) are reduced in the breast milk of obese mothers
M. Brezinova, O. Kuda, J. Hansikova, M. Rombaldova, L. Balas, K. Bardova, T. Durand, M. Rossmeisl, M. Cerna, Z. Stranak, Y. Kopecky
BBA – Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 2018, 1863,126-131.

Effects of Cyclic Fatty Acid Monomers from Heated Vegetable Oil on Markers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Male Wistar Rats
J. Mboma, P. Angers, N. Leblanc, A. Rocher, C. Vigor, C. Oger, G. Reversat, J. Vercauteren, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, H. Jacques
J Agric Food Chem 2018, 66, 7122-7180

154 – Isoprostanoids quantitative profiling of marine red and brown macroalgae
C. Vigor, C. Oger, G. Reversat, A. Rocher, J. Vercauteren, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, T. Tonon, C. Leblanc, P. Potin
Food Chem. 2018, 268, 452-462.

155 - Dietary Oat Bran Increases Some Proinflammatory Polyunsaturated Fatty-Acid Oxidation Products and Reduces
Anti-Inflammatory Products in Apolipoprotein E−/− Mice
J C-Y Lee, D S. AlGhawas, K Poutanen, K S Leung, J-M Galano, C Oger, T Durand, H El-Nezami
Lipids 2018, 53, 785-796.

156 - Resveratrol-Linoleate inhibits the pathological endothelial permeability via a drastic reduction of the MMP-9 activity
A. Shamseddin, C. Crauste, E. Durand, P. Villeneuve, G. Dubois, T. Pavlickova,T. Durand, J. Vercauteren and F. Veas
Biosci Reports 2018,38, BSR20171712.

Reliable analytical method to determine new lipid peroxidation biomarkers in urine samples : Application to Mild Cognitive Impairment due to Alzheimer Disease
A. Garcia-Blanco, C. Pena-Bautista, C. Oger, C. Vigor, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, N. Martin-Ibanez, M. Baquero, M. Vento, C. Chafer-Pericas
Talanta 2018, 184, 193-201.

Simultenous determination of PUFA-derived pro-resolving metabolites and pathway markers unsing chiral chromatography and tandem mas spectrometry
A. Toewe, L. Balas,T. Durand, G. Geisslinger, N. Ferreiros
Anal Chim Acta 2018, 1031, 185-194.

Plasma lipid peroxidation biomarkers for early and non-invasive Alzheimer Disease detection.
C. Péna-Baitista, C. Vigor, J-M. Galano, C. Oger, T. Durand, I. Ferrer, A. Cuevas, R Lopez, M. Baquero, M. Lopez-Nogueroles, M. Vento, D. Hervas, A. Garcia-Blanco, C. Chafer-Pericas
Free Radic Biol Med 2018, 124, 388-394.

Impact on phytoprostane and phytofuran (stress biomarkers) content of salicylic acid and growing environment on Oryza sativa L
Pinciroli, M., Domínguez-Perles, R., Garbi, M., Abellán, A., Oger C.,Durand. T., Galano, J.M., Gil-Izquierdo, A.
J Agric Food Chem 2018, 66, 12561-12570.

Cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenases are used by the fungus Podospora anserina to repel nematodes
R. Ferrari, I. Lacaze, P. Le Faouder, J. Bertand-Michel, C. Oger, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, S. Moularat, L. Chan To Hong, C. Boucher, J. Kilani, Y. Petit, O. Vanparis, C. Trannoy, S. Brun, H. Lalucque, F. Malagnac, P. Silar
BBA General Subject 2018, 1862, 2174-2182.

Non-enzymatic synthesis of bioactive isoprostanoids in the Diatom Phaeodactylum following oxidative stress.
J. Lupete, A. Jaussaud, C. Vigor, C. Oger, J-M. Galano, G. Réversat, J. Vercauteren, J. Jouhet, T. Durand, E. Marechal
Plant Physiol. 2018, 178, 1344-1357.

Profiling of omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids and its oxidized products in salmon after different cooking methods
K. S. Leung, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, J. C. Y. Lee
Antioxidants 2018, 7, 96

Oxadiazolone derivatives, new promising multi-target inhibitors against M. tuberculosis
Nguyen, Phuong C. ; Delorme, V. ; Benarouche, A. ; Guy, A. ; Landry, V. ; Audebert, S. ; Pophilat, M. ; Camoin, L. ; Crauste, C. ; Galano, J-M. ; Durand, T. ; Brodin, P. ; Canaan, S. ; Cavalier, J-F.
Bioorganic Chem 2018, 81, 414-424.

1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tartrate chiral ionic liquids : preparation, characterization and opportunities thereof
Castellan, T. ; Cuyamendous, C. ; Fitremann, J. ; Galano, J-M. ; Oger, C ; Durand,T. ; Guillen, F. ; Génisson, Y.
New J Chem 2018, 42, 18739-18748.

Structural/functional matches and divergences of phytoprostanes and phytofurans with bioactive human oxylipins
S. Medina, Á. Gil-Izquierdo, T. Durand, F. Ferreres, R. Domínguez-Perles
Antioxidants, 2018, 7, 165.


Validated analytical method to determine new salivary lipid peroxidation compounds as potential neurodegenerative biomarkers
A. Garcia-Blanco, P. Carrascosa, C. Oger, C. Vigor, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, M. Baquero, M. Vento, C. Chafer-Pericas
J Pharm Biomed Anal 2019, 164, 742-749.

Statement of foliar fertilization impact on yield, composition, and oxidative biomarkers in rice.
Pinciroli, M., Domínguez-Perles, R., Garbi, M., Abellán, A., Bultel-Poncé V.,Durand. T., Galano, J.M., Ferreres, F., Gil-Izquierdo, A.
J Agric Food Chem2019, 67, 597-605.

Comparative study of different cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) clones in terms of their Phytoprostanes and Phytofurans contents.
León-Pérez, D. ; Collado-González, J. ; Medina, S. ; Cano-Lamadrid, M. ; Durand, T. ; Guy, A. ; Galano,
J.-M. ; Carbonell-Barrachina, A. ; Londoño-Londoño, J. ; Ferreres, F. ; Gil-Izquierdo, A.
Food Chem 2019, 280, 231-239.

Obesogenic diet in aging mice alters gut microbe composition and disruption of neutrophil:lymphocyte ratiopromoting acute heart failure
V. Kain, P. Eipers, W. Van Der Pol, N. Mariappan, A. Ahmed, C. Morrow, D. L. Gibson, C. Gladine, C. Vigor, T. Durand, G. V. Halade
FASEB J 2019, 33, 6456-6469.

Potential of Physalis peruviana calyces a low-cost valuable ressources of phytoprostanes and phenolic compounds.
S. Medina, J. Collado-Gonzáleza, F. Ferreresa, J Londoño-Londoño, C. Jiménez-Cartagenab, A. Guy, T. Durand, J-M Galano, A. Gil-Izquierdo
J. Sci. Food Agri. 2019, 99, 2194–2204.

Twenty-week follow-up of inflammation and oxidative stress during installation and progression of hepatic steatosis in high fat/high fructose diet-fed rats
C. Feillet-Coudray, G. Fouret, C. Vigor, B. Bonafos, A. Blachnio-Zabielska, J. Rieusset, T. Durand, F. Casas, S. Gaillet1, J-F. Landrier and C. Coudray
Lipids 2019, 54, 81-97.

Lipid mediators from Timothy grass pollen contribute to the effector phase of allergy and prime dentritic cells for glycerolipid presentation
Gonzalez Roldan, N ; Engel, R. ; Düpow, S. ; Jakob, K. ; Koops, F. ; Orinska, Z. ; Vigor, C. ; Galano, J-M. ; Durand, T. ; Jappe, U. ; Duda, K. A.
Frontiers in Immunol. 2019,10, 974

Identification and quantification of phytoprostanes, and phytofurans, of coffee and cocoa by- and co-products
M. Ruesgas-Ramon, M. C. Figueroa-Espinoza, E. Durand, M. L. Suarez Quiroz, O. Gonzales Rios, A. Rocher, G. Réversat, J. Vercauteren, C. Oger, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, C. Vigor
Food Funct 2019, 10, 6882-6891.

Assesment of lipid peroxidation and articifial neural network models in early Alzheimer Disease diagnosis
C. Pena-Bautista, C. Oger, T. Durand, M. Baquero, M. Vento, C. Chafer-Pericas
Clin Biochem. 2019, 72, 64-70.

176 - Development of an optimized LC-MS method for the detection of specialized pro-resolving mediators in biological samples
Kutzner, L. ; Rund, K. ; Ostermann, A. ; Hartung, N. ; Galano, J-M. ; Balas, L. ; Durand, T., : Balzer, M. ; David, S. ; Schebb, N. H.
Front Pharmacol 2019, 10, 169.

Formation of trans-epoxy fatty acids correlates with formation of isoprostanes and could serve as biomarker of oxidative stress
Rund, K. ; Wecklein, S. ; Heylmann, D. ; Seiwert, N. ; Oger, C. ; Galano, J-M. ; Durand, T. ; Chen, R. ; Gueler, F. ; Fahrer, J. ; Borhorst, J. ; Schebb, N. H.
Prost Other Lipid Med 2019, 144, 106334.

Protectin D1 is rapidly metabolized by β-oxidation of its polar head chain
Balas, L. ; Risé, P. ; Gandrath, D. ; Rovati, G. E. ; Bolego, C. ; Stellari, F. ; Trenti, A. ; Buccellati, C. ; Durand, T. ; Sala, A.
J Med Chem 2019, 62, 9961-9975.

The value of legume foods as dietary source of phytoprostanes and phytofurans is depedant on species, varriety and growing conditions.
M. C. Garcia-Garcia, M del Rio Celestino, C. Egea-Gilabert, A. Gil-Izquerdo, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, C. Oger, J. A. Fernandez, Frederico Ferreres, R. Dominguez-Perles
Eur J Lipid Sci Techn 2019, 121, 1800484.

Aged black garlic has stronger antioxidant potency than white garlic in mild hypercholesterolemia patients
H H Leung, Y F Yau, Y Y Lee, C Oger, T Durand, J-M Galano, W M Loke and J C-Y Lee
Eur J Lipid Sci Tech 2019,121, 1900069.

Phenolic, oxylipin and fatty acid profiles of the Chilean hazelnut (Gevuina avellana) : antioxidant activity and inhibition of pro-inflammatory and metabolic syndrome associated enzymes
L. L. Pino ; F. Jimenez-Aspee ; C. Theoduloz ; A. Burgos-Edwards ; R. Dominguez-Perles ; C. Oger ; T. Durand ; A/ Gil-Izquierdo ; L. Bustamante ; C. Mardones ; K. Marquez ; D. Contreas ; G. Schmeda-Hirschmann
Food Chem, 2019, 298, 125026.

Increased isoprostanoid levels in brain from murine model of Krabbe disease – relevance of isoprostanes, dihomo-isoprostanes and neuroprostanes to disease severity.
C. Signorini, V. Cardile, G. Pannuzzo, A. C. E. Graziano, T. Durand, J-M. Galano, C. Oger, S. Leoncini, A. Cortelazzo, J. C-Y. Lee, J. Hayek, C. De Felice.
Free Radic Biol Med 2019, 139, 46-54.

Limited antioxidant effect of rosemary in lipid oxidation of pan-fried salmon
K. S. Leung, H. H. Leung, C. Y. Wu, J-M. Galano, T Durand, J. C-Y Lee
Biomolecules 2019, 9, 313.

Increase in oxidation of omega-6 and decrease in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid elevates the risk of exudative AMD development in Chinese adults
H. H. Leung, A. LK Ng, T Durand, R. Kawasaki, C. Oger, L. Balas, J-M Galano, I. YH Wong and J. C-Y Lee
Free Radic Biol Med 2019, 145, 349-356.

Short-chain lipid peroxidation products form covalent adducts with pyruvate kinase and inhibit its activity in vitro and in breast cancer cells.
C. C. Sousa, A. Ahmed, W. L. Dann, J. Asman, T. Durand, A. Guy, A. R. Pitt, C. M. Spickett
Free Radic Biol Med 2019, 144, 223-233.

Bis-allylic deuterated DHA alleviates oxidative stress in retinal epithelial cell : promising application for oxidative stress driven diseases.
M. Rosell, M. Giera, P. Brabet, M. Schephinov, M. Guichardant, T. Durand, J. Vercauteren, J-M. Galano, C. Crauste
Antioxidants 2019, 8, 447.

Evaluation of amidoxime derivatives as prodrug candidates of potent bis-cationic antimalarials
O. Berger, S. Ortial, S. Wein, S. Denoyelle, F. Bressolle, T. Durand, R. Escale,H. Vial and Y. Vo-Hoang
Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2019, 29, 2203-2207.

Multiplex profiling of inflammation-related bioactive lipid mediators in Toxocara canis- and T. cati-induced neurotoxocarosis in mice
P. Waindok, E. Janecek-Erfurth, D. Lindenwald, E. Wilk, K. Schughart, R. Geffers, L. Balas, T. Durand, K. M. Rund, N. Helge Schebb, C. Strube
PLOS-NTB 2019, 13(9), e0007706

Effect of Dietary n-3 Source on Rabbit Male Reproduction
C. Castellini, S. Mattioli, C. Signorini, E. Cotozzolo, D. Noto, E. Moretti, G. Brecchia, A. Dal Bosco, G. Belmonte, T. Durand,C. De Felice, G. Collodel
Oxid Med Cell Long 2019, 3279670

Does Pasteurized Donor Human Milk Efficiently Protect Preterm Infants Against Oxidative Stress ?
A Parra-Llorca, M Gormaz, Á Sánchez-Illana, J D Piñeiro-Ramos, M C Collado, E Serna, M Cernada, A Nuñez-Ramiro, A Ramón-Beltrán, C Oger, J-M Galano, C Vigor, T Durand, J Kuligowski, and M Vento
Antiox Redox Sign 2019, 31, 791-799.

Non-invasive assessment of oxidative stress in preterm infants
C. Peña-Bautista, T Durand, C. Vigor, C. Oger, J-M Galano, C. Cháfer-Pericás
Free Radic Biol Med 2019, 142, 73-81

Limited antioxidant effect of rosemary in lipid oxidation of pan-fried salmon
K. S. Leung, H. H. Leung, C. Y. Wu, J-M. Galano, T Durand, J. C-Y Lee
Biomolecules 2019, 9, 313.

Increase in oxidation of omega-6 and decrease in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid elevates the risk of exudative AMD development in Chinese adults
H. H. Leung, A. LK Ng, T Durand, R. Kawasaki, C. Oger, L. Balas, J-M Galano, I. YH Wong and J. C-Y Lee
Free Radic Biol Med 2019, 145, 349-356.

New screening approach for Alzheimer’s disease risk assessment from urine lipid peroxidation compounds
C. Peña-Bautista, C. Vigor, J-M. Galano, C. Oger, T. Durand, I. Ferrer Cairols, A. Cuevas, R. López-Cuevas, M. Baquero, M. López-Nogueroles, M. Vento, D. Hervás-Marín, A. García-Blanco, and C. Chafer-Pericas
Sci Reports 2019, 9, 14244.


Lipokine 5-PAHSA is Regulated by Adipose Triglyceride Lipase and Primes Adipocytes for de novo Lipogenesis in Mice
V. Paluchova, M. Oseeva, M. Brezinova, T. Cajka, K. Bardova, K. Adamcova, P. Zacek, L. Balas, H. Chodounska, E. Kudova, T. Durand, M. Rossmeisl, N. Abumrad, J. Kopecky, O. Kuda
Diabetes 2020, 69, 300-312.

Oxidized products of alpha-linolenic acid negatively regulate cellular survval and motility of breast cancer cells
Gutierrez, J.L. ; Ben Hasssen, C. ; Oger, C. ; Galano, J-M. ; Durand, T. ; Frank, P.G.
Biomolecules, 2020, 10, 50

Dietary omega-3 PUFA improved tubular function after ischemia induced acute kidney injury in mice but did not attenuate impairment of renal function
K. Rund, S. Peng, R. Greite, C. Claaßen, F. Nolte, C. Oger, J-M. Galano, L. Balas, T. Durand, R. Chen, F. Gueler, N. H. Helge Schebb
Prost Other Lipid Med 2020, 146, 106386.

Brain protein changes in Mecp2 mouse mutant models : effect on disease progression of Mecp2 brain specific gene reactivation
A Cortelazzo, C. De Felice, J. Guy, A. M. Timperio, L. Zolla, R. Guerranti, S. Leoncini, C. Sigorini, T. Durand, J. Hayek
J Proteomics, 2020,210, 103537.

Urinary oxilipin signature as biomarkers to monitor the allograft function during the first six months post-renal transplantation by lipidomic approach
S. Medina, I. De las Heras-Gómez, T. Casas-Pina, V. Bultel-Poncé, J-M. Galano, T. Durand, P. Martínez-Hernández, F. Ferreres, L. Jimeno, S. Llorente, A. Gil-Izquierdo
Free Radic Biol Med 2020, 146, 340-349.

Optimization of free phytoprostanes and phytofurans production by enzymatic hydrolysis of pea extracts using bacterial esterases
R. Domínguez-Perles, I. Sánchez-Martínez, M. Dolores Rodríguez-Hernández, I. López, C. Oger, A. Guy, T. Durand, J-M. Galano, F. Ferreres, Á. Gil-Izquierdo
J Agric Food Chem 2020, 68, 3445-3455.

Long-term dietary intake of 9-PAHPA or 9-OAHPA increases basal metabolism and insulin sensitivity but disrupts liver homeostasis in healthy mice
M. Benlebna, L. Balas, B. Bonafos, L. Pessemesse, C. Vigor, J. Grober, F. Bernex, G. Fouret, S. Gaillet, Dr J-F. Landrier, O. Kuda, T. Durand, C. Coudray, F. Casas, C. Coudray
J Nutr Biochem 2020, 79, 108361.

Combination of lutein and zeaxanthin with DHA increased the protection of ROS-stressed retinal cells
H. H. Leung, J-M Galano, C. Crauste, T. Durand, and J. C-Y Lee
Neurochem Res 2020, 45, 1007-1019

203 - Non-enzymatic oxygenated metabolite of docosahexaenoic acid, 4(RS)-4-F4t-neuroprostane, act as bioactive lipid molecule in neuronal cell
Y.Y. Lee, J-M. Galano, H. H. Leung, Laurence Balas, C. Oger, T. Durand, and J. C-Y. Lee
FEBS Letters 2020, 594, 1797-1808

Lipophenol protects against retinal degeneration in mouse model of Stargardt’s disease by targeting retinaldehyde toxicity.
A. Cubizolle, D. Cia, N. Pinquier, L. Guillou, N. Jacquemot, M. Rosell, C. Angebault-Prouteau, G. Lenaers, T. Durand, C. P. Hamel, J. Vercauteren, C. Crausteand P. Brabet
J Cell Mol Med 2020, 24, 5057-5069

Pro-regenerative protectin D1 controls immune cell function during regeneration
M. Nguyen-Chi, P. Luz-Crawford, L. Balas, T. Spika, R. Contreas, A. Barthelaix, G. Lutfalla, T. Durand, C. Jorgensen, F. Djouad
Br J Pharmacol 2020,177, 4055-4073.

Clinical utility of lipid peroxidation biomarkers in plasma for Alzheimer Disease differential diagnosis
C. Peña-Bautista,T. Durand, C. Vigor, A. Cuevas, M. Baquero, M. Vento, D. Hervas-Marin, C. Chafer-Pericas
Antioxidants 2020, 9, 649

Dissecting the antibacterial activity of Oxadiazolone-core derivatives against Mycobacterium abscessus
A. Madani, I. Mallick, A. Guy, C. Crauste, T. Durand, P. Fourquet, S. Audebert, L. Camoin, S. Canaan and J-F. Cavalier
PlosOne 2020, 15, e0238178.

Preclinical pharmacology of a lipophenol in mouse model of light-induced retinopathies
N. Taveau, A. Cubizolle, L. Guillou, N. Pinquier, E. Moine, D. Cia, J. Vercauteren, T. Durand, C. Crauste, P. Brabet
Exp Mol Med2020, 52, 1090-1101.

Characterization and modulation of brain lipids content of raibow trout fed with 100% plant based diet rich in omega-3 long chain polyunstaurated fatty acids DHA and EPA
J Roy, C. Vigor, G Reversat, B. Zhou, J Vercauteren, A. Surget, L. Larroquet, G. Corraze, A. Lanuque, F. Sandres, F. Terrier, C. Oger, J-M. Galano, T. Durand
Biochimie, 2020, 178, 137-147.

Oxylipin regulation by phenolic compounds from coffee beverage : Positive outcomesfrom a randomized controlled trial in healthy adults and macrophage derived foamcells.
O. J. Lara-Guzman, S. Medina, L. R. Alvarez, C. Oger, T. Durand, J-M. Galano, N. Zuluaga, A. Gil-Izquierdo, K. Munoz-Durango,
Free Rad Biol Med 2020, 160, 604-617.

Oxidative stress and antioxidant response in rainbow trout fry exposed to acute hypoxia is affected by selenium nutrition of parents and during first exogenous feeding.
P. Wischhusen, L. Larroquet, T. Durand, C. Vigor, P. Antony J. Prabhu, V. Véron, M. Briens, S. J. Kaushik, B. Fauconneau, S. Fontagné-Dicharry
Free Radical Biol Med 2020, 155, 99-113.

Bioavailable phytoprostanes and phytofurans from Gracilaria longissima have anti-inflammatory effects in endothelial cells
Martinez. Sánchez, S., Domínguez-Perles, R., Montoro-García, S., Gabaldón Hernández J.A., Guy, A., Durand, T.,Oger, C., Ferreres, F., Gil-Izquierdo, A.
Food Funct 2020, 11, 5166-5178

Bioactive plant oxylipins-based lipidomics in eighty worldwide commercial dark chocolates : Effect of cocoa and fatty acid composition on their dietary burden.
D. León-Perez, R. Domínguez-Perles, J. Collado-González, M. Cano-Lamadrid, T. Durand, A. Guy, J-M. Galano, Á. Carbonell-Barrachina, J. Londoño-Londoño, F. Ferreres, C. Jiménez-Cartagena, Á. Gil-Izquierdo, S. Medina
Microchem J 2020, 157, 105083

First total syntheses of novel non-enzymatic polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolites and their identification in edible oils
T. Pavlíčková, V. Bultel-Poncé, A. Guy, A. Rocher, G. Reversat, C. Vigor, T. Durand, J-M. Galano, U. Jahn and C. Oger
Chemistry Eur J 2020,29, 10090-10098.

Total synthesis of a Docosahexaenoic Acid Prostanoid Using an Intramolecular Organocatalytic Michael Reaction of a Formyl-Enal Derivative
J. Revol-Cavalier, V. Bultel-Poncé, A. Guy, T. Durand, C. Oger, and J-M. Galano
Org Lett 2020, 22, 7455-7459.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and oat beta-glucan regulated fatty acid profiles along the
gut-liver-brain axis of mice fed with high fat diet and demonstrated antioxidant and
anti-inflammatory potentials
Y. F. Yau, H. El-Nezami, J-M. Galano, Z. M. Kundi, T.Durand, J. C-Y. Lee
Mol Nutr Food Res 2020, 64, 2000566.

Phytoprostanes and phytofurans –oxidative stress and bioactive compounds– in almonds are affected by deficit irrigation in almond trees.
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glutamate anion
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Oxidative Damage of Polyunsatured Fatty Acid Plays a Key Role in the Pathogenesis and Progression of Krabbe Desease
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