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Séminaire Chimie ED459

The hairpin ribozyme in all its forms – functional diversity of a small RNA

Prof. Sabine Müller (Institut für Biochemie, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald, Germany)

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The hairpin ribozyme in all its forms – functional diversity of a small RNA

Le Jeudi 23 juin 2016 à 13h45
UM Polytech, salle SC-002 (Triolet bât. 31 RdC)

Evidence has been growing that an RNA World did exist before DNA- and protein-based life. In this regard, a long-standing research goal has been to develop functional RNAs capable of catalyzing numerous chemical reactions. Much effort has been made in finding RNA enzymes that catalyze the replication of RNA molecules, including the enzyme itself. This is far from being resolved, although recent experimental findings provide some reason for optimism. Apart from replication, other functionalities that contribute to higher genetic complexity and extended functional space are of high relevance to RNA world scenarios. We have engineered a number of hairpin ribozyme variants supporting reactions of RNA processing, such as circularization, oligomerization, recombination and splicing. Apart from mimicking RNA world relevant activities, these ribozymes can be used for RNA repair as well as for site-specific functionalization of natural RNA molecules.

Contact local IBMM : Prof. Michaël Smietana (DACAN)

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