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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Three short research projects : (i) uncertainty in chemistry ; (ii) enzyme-like regiospecificity ; (iii) peptoad chemistry

Prof. Frederic M. Menger (Department of Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, USA)

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Le Jeudi 09 Juin 2011 à 13h45
UM2, salle de cours SC-16.01

This lecture will be comprised of three very different projects :

The first deals with a polyamine that has been randomly derivatized with four carboxylic acids selected from a library of fifteen carboxylic acids. Ninety-six different ratios of each four-acid combination were examined for catalytic activity in a phosphate hydrolysis. Among the thousands of combinatorially tested polymers, a few displayed catalytic activities as high as 30,000-fold. It is argued that, owing to complexity issues, it will be impossible to ever understand the source of the catalysis at the molecular level, thus joining chemistry with physics and mathematics as having uncertainty as an inherent component.

In the second project, a search is made for conditions in which only one of two almost identical ketals is hydrolyzed as would be possible with an enzymatic system but is seldom seen in organic chemistry.

In the third project, a set of new amphiphilic compounds, called peptoads, are synthesized and examined for their colloidal and solubilization properties. One of the peptoads is capable of solubilizing Taxol (an extremely water-insoluble anti-cancer drug) as efficiently as a currently used, but potentially dangerous, commercial incipient.

Contact local IBMM : Dr. Véronique Montero


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