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Séminaire Chimie ED459 / ICGM

Toward carbon nanotube-based biomaterials : a supramolecular approach

Dr. Franck Meyer (Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials, Center of Innovation and Research in Materials and Polymers – CIRMAP, University of Mons, Belgium)

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Le Mardi 31 Mai 2011 à 10h
UM2 Polytech’MPL, salle de cours SC002 (bât. 31)

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are gaining a significant impact in the field of nanotechnology due to their unique mechanical, electrical and structural properties. However, strong intermolecular π-π interactions and high aspect ratio lead to their bundle arrangement, representing a major drawback for their processability. In this presentation, different supramolecular strategies relying on modified and unmodified biopolymers will prove their efficiency for the CNT dispersion in solution and in a polymer matrix. This approach will be extended to the reversible immobilization of CNTs on a gold surface.

Contact local ICGM : Pr. Ahmad Mehdi


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