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Séminaire Chimie ED459

Understanding self-assembly, synthesis and properties of mesostructured inorganic-organic materials

Prof. Brad Chmelka (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

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Le Jeudi 02 Juillet 2009 à 14h
UM2, Salle de travaux dirigés TD-16.06 (bât. 16)

Syntheses of surfactant-directed mesostructured inorganic materials cover an enormous range of compositions, conditions, morphologies, and ultimately properties. While these multicomponent, heterogeneous, and typically non-equilibrium systems are diverse and complicated, they are subject to general and similar underlying physical processes that account for their self-assembly behaviors. The physicochemical interactions among the different components are balanced differently, according to the compositions and conditions used, but share many common attributes that link their behaviors and properties. This pedagogical talk will discuss the underlying molecular interactions that govern self-assembly of mesostructured surfactant-inorganic materials, their experimental characterization, and the similarities and differences of syntheses conducted with different compositions and conditions.

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Contact : Louis Charles de Ménorval (Institut Charles Gerhardt, équipe Agrégats Inorganiques & Matériaux pour l’Énergie), courriel


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